Welcome to Secular Weddings Vermont

Bonjour! I’m glad you’ve found my new site. I hope you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for and more. It should be full of surprises!

Minister Elaine officiating at her first wedding

I’d like to invite you to comment on this post with all of your questions, comments, and suggestions for what you would most like to see in this space. I plan to update the site regularly, so that new people might always find the services offered here. As it so happens, however, this is my first WordPress site! I’m learning how to design it to best serve you, and I’d love to hear directly from you so I know just what you want!

Thanks for your input, and I look forward to many open community discussions to come.

Elaine Stehel                                                                                         Certified Humanist Minister                                 ministerelaine@gmail.com                                                                         801-654-7614